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We’re a group of camping fanatics who love to spend time outside sleeping under the stars. While we always aim for at least a few weekends under the stars, life has a tendency of getting in the way and cancelling even long-planned trips. Most of us are or were cube dwelling souls who dream of being out in the dirt while we toil away the week inside four walls often without a window view.

We steal a few minutes outside whenever we get a chance. There’s just something about being outdoors and connecting with nature that’s hard to describe. When we’re not planning our next trip, we’re getting our gear ready or looking for the next thing to upgrade (can’t wait to replace my loved but worn out boots).

We’ll cover things that will make your next trip memorable. From tips on great spots to setup camp for the night to the latest and greatest gear, this blog is a resource for campers by campers. From time to time, we’ll also cover other topics that we think you’ll find helpful. These can include life hacks, money tips, or other stuff that help you life life to the fullest. Who wouldn’t want that? Feel free to drop us a line and comment on the types of articles that you want to read.

Also, we’ll occasionally post articles reviewing things that might make your camping trip a little easier or get the most of your time outside. Those stories will include outside links that help us keep the lights on.

So whether you like to sleep in a tent, yurt, or RV, we want to help you get the most out of your next awesome trip.

It’s because of you that we write these article because you campers rock!