Top 10 camping books for 2020

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While most of the world is on lock-down and camping sites are closed, the best most of us can do is to daydream and plan about our next camping adventure. We might as well make the best use of our time and think about all the things we’d love to do once we can get back to enjoying campfires, hikes, and sleeping under the stars. To help you plan and provide some inspiration for ideas, here are a list of the 10 best books on camping according to Amazon’s best sellers list for 2020 based on real customer reviews.

There are a variety of types of books to get you ready, whether you’re going on your first adventure or your one hundredth. You can find help on selecting gear, places to pitch your tent, park your RV, and even how to tie a safe and secure knot. I’ve skipped books that repeated the same category like specific destinations, camping style (RV or tent), and journals so that you see only the best of each category.

  1. The Ultimate Hang: Hammock Camping Illustrated

I admit this isn’t what I imagine when picturing the next camping trip, but this book has some great ideas about how to make your next site as comfy as possible.

From the publisher: “Hammocks are one of the most comfortable ways to enjoy the indoors, and make great companions for a long-distance thru-hike, relaxing at a park, a weekend backpacking trip, or an overnight in the woods! Get off the ground and begin enjoying the outdoors.”

2. Family Camping Journal: Perfect RV Journal/Camping Diary or Gift for Campers

If sleeping under the stars is all about making memories, there’s no better way to keep those memories with you is to log your trip in this journal. Use this handy journal to jot down all those details of that awesome trip: that delicious campfire meal, the wildlife, or the stories you told.

3. Glamping with MaryJane: Glamour + Camping

I’m not sure if this is the book that originated the term “clamping” but it’s got all you need to know to make your next camping adventure as comfy as possible. While there’s something to be said about roughing in the great outdoors, some of us might appreciate making the experience somewhat stylish.

4. Traveler’s Guide to Alaskan Camping: Alaska and Yukon Camping With RV or Tent (Traveler’s Guide series)

If you’re looking to head up to America’s last great frontier, this is a great book to check out. You’ll find the best locations with over 500 camping sites, great driving routes, and a description of amenities and activities for each spot.

5. Ultralight Backpackin’ Tips: 153 Amazing & Inexpensive Tips For Extremely Lightweight Camping

While our backpacking days ended with the birth of our second child, this is the book I wish we had when my wife and I ventured out to Colorado, Maryland, and other places around the country in our younger days. In addition to his handy tips for keeping your pack light, the writer fuses his wit and humor to make the reading more enjoyable than your every day camping guide.

6. Washington’s Pacific Coast: A Guide to Hiking, Camping, Fishing & Other Adventures

The west coast has so many picturesque spots to explore. Whether you are looking just for a hike, where to sleep for a night (or two), and other outdoor activities, this book has a great set of suggestions. The historical descriptions are a nice bonus.

7. RV Living: The RVing Lifestyle: Start Your Motorhome Adventure! 

There’s a reason #vanlife and #rvadventures are so trendy right now. The combination of enjoying America’s open roads and the feel of being away from the hustle and bustle of every day life is an intoxicating combination. Add to the fact that many people are starting to get cabin fever makes this book a great way to get away from it all without having to deal with the COVID virus exposure of hotels and Airbnbs.

8. Prep Lists for Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking: A Quick Reference Guide with lists of everything you need to plan for your next adventure or to improvise in your next crisis

As a boy scout, the number one rule we learned even as a wee cub scout was to be prepared. This book has a comprehensive set of things you should know and have at the ready before heading out on your first or 50th camping trip. Nothing makes a camping trip more miserable than not having the gear you need when things go south.

9. Knack Knots You Need: Step-By-Step Instructions For More Than 100 Of The Best Sailing, Fishing, Climbing, Camping And Decorative Knots

It’s always a good idea to know a few basic knots. Whether it’s to secure a rain fly, securing a boat to a dock, or to tie a fly to a rod, you’ll appreciate the straight forward why each essential knot is taught.

10. Coleman The Outdoor Adventure Cookbook: The Official Cookbook from America’s Camping Authority

What’s a great camping trip without great food? Here’s the definitive guide to making the food as enjoyable as the trip. A real classic.